Mobile King was established in 5th January, 2002. As the first step, we started at Yuzana Plaza on the first floor.

Our Vision is all Myanmar people can be able to use mobile phone and to know MOBILE KING. To get this vision, our Mission is to be the best service provider to all of our customers until they meet their individual satisfaction.

We started our first step in operation with 10 staffs. In year 2002, we especially imported TDMA, CDMA, GSM Handsets and accessories. Start from the establishment, we import SAMSUNG as DTMA Handset and is from Pakistan. From Korea, SAMSUNG and Any Call as CDMA Handset. GMS Handsets are Nokia, SAMSUNG Brand from Singapore.

In year 2004, as the further step, we started the branch shop at No.116, Tamwe Main Road, Tamwe Township until recent day. Today, we sell the branded Handset of GSM, CDMA 450 MHZ, CDMA 800 MHZ and also their accessories.

In 2008, the third step, the branch shop in Pansodan was implemented. So, today, there are altogether 3 Mobile King Mobile shops and manpower becomes around 70, who are expert in the workplace.

The Sales Volume is initially 1,000 Handsets in quantity per month and year by year, the sales volume is increased. Now, monthly the sales volume becomes 7,000 Handsets in quantity. To be more increased sales, we are trying with the new strategy.

Among the various branded handsets, according to the market situation, we get the sustained increase in Sales. Nowadays, monthly sales volume SAMSUNG is uniquely 4,000 Handsets. The most popular and most demanded models are Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy  Note, Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy GIO, Galaxy ACE, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Pocket. Estimated monthly sales volumes (From 2002 to 2011) are as follows.

In year 2005, SAMSUNG D500 was awarded as the most popular model and we are also proud of it and in 2011, Galaxy S3 get world recognized the best selling prize.

In year 2012, we give service to our end user for the purpose of being the best service provider to all of our customers until they meet their individual Satisfaction. In the beginning, the mobile phones are very expensive and people couldn’t effort to spend on it. Start from 2010, the cheap price mobile phone SIM cards ( 500,000-Ks in Value ) are launched to the public. So, some people started to use the mobile phone individually. In year 2012, the better plan for cheap price SIM Card became (200,000-Ks in Value).

Now, we have over 10 years experience in the field of Mobile Phone selling. Review on year 2012, from January to December, our mobile phone sales volume is distinctly increased than the previous years, compare in Revenue & Sales Volume. As the demand of cheap price mobile phone SIM Cards get higher and higher, the more we sell, the more we gain the revenue. But in July, the demand raised in volume and MPT didn’t have enough stock in the market. As we are the retailer to end user, we were not able to sell to our customers according to demand. So, In July, the sales decreased in volume.

The presence of our Mobile King is 3 Shops. For our future plan, in this year as our further step, we will open next 3 Mobile King Mobile Shops within 2 Months (February & March’ 2013.). As a dealer of SAMSUNG, we have started a Mobile Brand Shop in December 2012 and has plan to open it in other regions, to give more knowledge about SAMSUNG Mobile Phone. Not only the showroom but also mobile trip to those regions will be implemented to be a reliable business partner.

Nowadays, as our Myanmar is a developing Country, the telecommunication technology is upgrade year by year. In this year 2013, our government has well planned to sell least cost Mobile Phone SIM Card, we believe our sales volume will surely increase and be support to shape our vision.

As SAMSUNG is standing as the reliable brand for us and also the customers, we admit to try our best continuously in our mobile phone industry.